TIEREF –Towards Inclusive Education For Refugee Children


Start date: 15/01/2018
End date: 14/07/2021

Using a range of innovative tools, the project aims to strengthen schools (primary and secondary education) in all partner countries and beyond in their education of migrant children (with a refugee background):

database of good/best practices in 3 domains (guidance, assessing, validation) in all partner languages + English: guidance towards good quality education with best practices models collected via European platform/study; assessing pupils’ knowledge via non-intrusive yet efficient manner (guidance), validation of prior learning for pupils

database of usable and shareable learning material to facilitate inclusive education for migrant children in all partner languages + English

online collaborative exchange portal and resource repository concept towards inclusive education in all partner languages + English

introducing peer support learning as innovative method to foster inclusive education

online tool for assessment methodology for refugee students’ prior knowledge & recognition and validation of the learning outcomes gained during the learning process white papers towards inclusive education for migrant children, based on the project’s outcomes and results.

Website: http://www.teachref.eu/

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