OCP THERM – Occupational Competence Profile for Thermal Care Agents through ECVET in European Tourism

Project number: 2016-1-TR01-KA202-034712

Health tourism (leisure and well-being) is becoming an upward trend in our globalized world. Health tourism can be simply defined as travelling of the individuals to seek medical care. The ‘Medical Thermal – Spa’ – a health, relaxation and rehabilitation centre which can help conditions from rheumatism, disc prolapsed, to circulatory and nervous system problems, has existed in Europe for well over a hundred years. The growing needs of treatment and rehabilitation of the socially significant diseases of citizens as well as the mass diseases and the aging of the population in the European Union (the number of the pensioners in the EU is 17% of the total population and grows up with 40 million persons annually) orientates the debate towards the priority development of the Health and Medical Spa (domestic and international) tourism, to conduction of new long term and coordinated state policy. The process associated with the growing popularity of the environmentally friendly and healthy lifestyle for millions of domestic and foreign tourists. Traditional activities hydrotherapy initially therapeutic facing in recent years a decline in favour of activities related to well being. Large chains of thermals, spa centres and baths now communicate much more about their range “welfare” that initially on curative care at the origin of the creation of these institutions. This shift implies a change of the activities of professional behaviour and inherent skills, they must respond to new needs and new expectations of users. The objective of “Occupational Competence Profile for Thermal Care Agents (OCP Therm)” project is address this problem by bringing a solution in vocational training to enable them to create and implement a Spa Therapist certification including an offer blended modular methodology to meet the needs identified by the professionals of thermal sector and to study the possibility of including this new qualification in the repository of national certifications connected with EQF level 3.

Website: http://www.thermal4all.eu/

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