H-CARE – Launching of Sector Skills Alliance for Training & Apprenticeship of Health Care and Food Supplements Salespersons

The fastest growth in Health Care jobs is concentrated in the Health Services field and 19% of all health care job growth from 2004-2014 will be in Health services (Source: BLS,Career Guide to Industries;Health care Jobs Projections from 2004 through 2014). Following the identified gap between the needs of the market and available, but not relevant, VET courses,the project intends to develop innovative blended training programme for Vocational qualification of a new job profile “Health Care & Food Supplements salesperson” targeted to unemployed people (18+) or current employees in the Health Care sales sector.
The H-CARE blended VET training programme will consist of  7 training modules, developed as cross-sector alliance collaboration namely:

  • M1. Health Care Introduction & Health prevention guidelines;
  • M2. Trading with medical devices (MD), Assistive technologies (AT) and food supplements (FS)
  • M3. Communication & Work with disabled customers;
  • M4. Sales management skills;
  • M5. Entrepreneurship skills;
  • M6. E-commerce (FS, AT & MD);
  • M7. Apprenticeship.

The content of the modules will be preceded by exhaustive research and need analysis report, deployed in the partner’s countries (TR, BG, RO, AT). Variety of training approaches: e-learning (by WCAG 2.0 SCORM platform), group work and apprenticeship (into real workplace) will be used.
The project will set up a new occupational core profile for: “Health Care and Food Supplements Salesperson” following the EU wide recognized “New skills for New jobs Agenda”.  NAVET will seek the accreditation of the profile as National VET Authority.
Innovative aspect of the project will be also an “EQAVET tool” for recognition and validation of trainees’ skills & knowledge, acquired through the H-CARE blended VET training course.
H-CARE also contributes to the Europe 2020 growth strategy in particular to the EU’s employment rate target of 75% by 2020, by helping people learn new skills and adapt to changes in the labour market.

For more information: www.healthcaresales.eu

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