E-TPOHS – e-Training Platform for Occupational Health and Safety

E-TPOHS (e-Training Platform for Occupational Health and Safety) is an innovative and integrated online training programme on Occupational Health and Safety, ensuring vocational education for stakeholders of construction, metal/equipment manufacturing, mining and quarrying sectors via newest learning methods, and is going to be piloted in Turkey and Bulgaria in 2012.

The project has the following objectives:

  1. To adopt the curricula that was prepared by the Slovakian partner for OHS training which covers EU legislation, and labour protection management system in SMEs, costs and benefits of OHS in company, impact of OHS legislation upon companies
  2. To prepare additional curricula which will include specific OHS training modules in specific sectors and the associated good practices;To train facilitators in the area of OHS for SMEs;
  3. To test the e-learning platform in Turkey and Bulgaria on a group of facilitators from SMEs
  4. To disseminate project outputs to all SMEs, social partners and NGOs in order to increase their awareness in OHS;
  5. To decrease occupational related diseases, accidents and deaths

Target sectors:

  • Construction
  • Manufacturing
  • Mining and Quarryin

The products of the project are:

  • National Reports on Training Needs Analysis for Bulgaria and Turkey (language:EN)
  • Website (language: EN, TR, BG)
  • New curriculum/Course materials (language: EN, BG, TR)
  • Online Training Modules (language: EN, TR, BG)
  • Web based E-learning Platform (language: EN, TR, BG)
  • Project’s flyers (language: EN, TR, BG, SK, FR)
  • Project’s posters (language: EN)
  • Dissemination Materials (language: EN, BG, TR)
  • Workshop

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