e-SUNET – Sustainable Network for the families of disabled people through e-learning

In many occasions all over Europe, the disabled people do not receive institutional care but they are treated informally in their houses by the member of family (they may be parents, children or relatives). However, these members of families have not received proper training on how to treat a disabled person and many times they do not know what to do and they want to seek advice from a training material or from other people that find themselves in the same situation.  The same is true sometimes for the disabled people themselves who cannot guide the person that is taking care of them correctly. The project, having considered all these issues aims to development a network and supporting material in order to support the families of the people with disability through distance learning courses and through an interactive communication platform. The main activities of the project are the following:

  • Research on the learning material that is already existing for family learning
  • Development of e-learning courses for family learning in the context of disability. These courses which will be available in all the languages of the partners of the consortium will include special courses for various types of disability (movement disability, visual disability, audio disability etc.). The courses will be at the level necessary for family members not expert in medicine and are going to be rich in visual- multimedia content (videos etc.) in order to be more attractive and more helpful.
  • The courses will also be used for the training of the disabled people themselves in order to be able to look better at themselves or to give better instruction to the people that take care of them.
  • Development of networking between relevant institutions in each country for the support of the families with disabled persons.
    The impact envisaged is the significant increase of the support available for the families of the disabled people and, ultimately, the improvement of the care they receive.

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