ZGURA-M is a company with traditions in organizing mentoring programs for people with disabilities and elderly people ( 55+). On 1st October 2011 the company launched a new European project through which another mentoring program will be held  in Bulgaria; it is aimed at unemployed people wishing to improve their job skills under the guidance of an experienced professional.

This time the mentoring process will be implemented through a combination of use of a specially developed electronic platform and face to face meetings. This is the reason why the name of the project is “e-Mentoring”. It is 75% funded by Leonardo da Vinci Program of the EC, “Transfer of Innovation” measure and has a start date 10/01/2011 and ending 30/09/2013. The initiative is a natural continuation of the very successful project “Adults Mentoring”, carried out between 10/01/2006 – 30/09/2008, coordinated by ZGURA-M company.

In this new e-Mentoring project ZGURA-M company is again among thepartners and the coordinator is the National Directorate of Adults Education and Training, Turkey. The partnership is comprised also of organizations from Belgium, the UK and Italy.

The main idea of ​​this project is to strengthen the relationship between vocational education and business by providing mentoring focused on users’ needs. In order to optimize the effectiveness of using the e-mentoring platform mentees will go through a preliminary training course in ICT. Participants in the mentoring process will be supported by partners through advice, guidance and last but not least, through specially developed manuals for implementing of mentoring programs.

Before proceeding to the provision of mentoring and development of specialized manuals for mentors and mentees, the partners will prepare a report describing the successful models of mentoring in Europe. They are currently engaged in collecting information on existing standards and methodologies for providing mentoring to vulnerable groups in the labor market.

The report and the analysis of the needs ofemployers and adults with disabilities in relation to their specific needs for education, training and professional development will be ready at the end of April.

If you want to share your experience in the field of mentoring programs, do not hesitate to contact the team of ZGURA-M company. Follow our website for more information on the development of e-Mentoring project.

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