Connect with ICT

“Connect with ICT” project will intended to support development of IT based qualifications for senior people with physically disabilities.

Strengthening participants self-confidence and promoting their personal fulfilment will be gained by helping them to develop social and cultural competencies.

Project cooperation among associations, local authority, industrial chamber and rehabilitation center will enhance the governance and attractiveness of VET systems through increased cooperation with social partners and all relevant stakeholders for developing the quality and attractiveness of VET systems and practices.

Strengthening the communication between VET professionals and working life (enterprises and occupational sectors) will  take into develop skills and competencies of VET and guidance professionals.

To support close links to working life, project will foster the integration of learning with working life by promoting computer based training and apprenticeship pathways as a basis for development of vocational skills.

Pilot practical ICT training will integrated older people with physically disabilities on the social life by developing their computer-related skills and competencies.

The Main objectives of “Connect with ICT” project are:

  • to make physically disabled older people life in modern information world easier and more comfortable.
  • to help senior with disabilities to communicate more easily and effectively through technology.
  • to improve the access of physically disabled older people to vocational education and training.
  • to promote collaboration among associations, local authority, industrial chamber, university, training institutions and organizations devoted to support physically disabled people.
  • to care elders by fighting against senior isolation.- to open new horizons for the efficient use of free time.

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