COACH@WORK – EQAVET system for recognition, validation and accreditation of skills, knowledge and competencies of supported employment providers for people with disabilities

This project upgrades the achievements of previously successful project T-EST ( during which both job coachers and people with disabilities have been trained in order to get necessarily skills for their competitiveness rising on the labour market.

The COACH@WORK project will continue supporting the inclusion of the Supported employment approach in Austria and Spain, but also in new countries such as Bulgaria and Turkey where this will be done for the first time.

COACH@WORK will develop an EQAVET system for recognition, validation and accreditation of knowledge, skills and competencies gained by job coachers who will participate in its implementation phase.

Those learning outcomes will be in connection with the unique ECVET training programme for SE providers which will cover: disability awareness; acquisition of key & transversal competencies; application of interactive technologies and methods in coaching process; mainstreaming and digital technologies usage; Supported employment basis and pre-employment support agenda.

In addition the project partners will develop training  materials for jobseekers with disabilities related to:  preparing for interview; completion of job applications; disclosure of disability; presenting a professional appearance; analysing strengths and weaknesses;  accessing further help and resources etc.;

Target groups:

  • Supported employment providers – job coachers, career counselors, social workers, job specialist who directly work with people with disabilities
  • VET centers – responsible bodies for the VET training of Supported employment providers.
  • Non-profit organisations working with people with disabilities
  • Employers of people with disabilities;
  • Policy makers and public bodies in the field of    Social Affairs;
  • EU level institutions responsible for the Supported employment
  • Service provider networks / unions (both national and EU level)

More information:

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