Adults mentoring

Mentoring And Guidance For Adults (ADULTS MENTORING)

Important tendency, marked in various reports of EU27, which led to the establishment of “Adults Mentoring” project, is that by 2050 the number of people over 50 in Europe will have doubled to 40% of the total population or 60% of the working age population.

In terms of that fact, the project is focused on the needs of older unemployed people and long term unemployed older people – who wish to update their professional skills and gain new practical knowledge. This result can be achieved by their participation in non-formal type of learning – Mentoring.

Within the project a system for workplace mentoring for unemployed older people will be developed.

Older unemployed people will be provided with innovative type of vocational guidance matching their knowledge and understanding.

Funded by Leonardo da Vinci Programme of the European Commission
Procedure: B “Pilot projects”
Start: 01.10.2006
End: 30.09.2008
Duration: 24 months